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Winter Walk Day, February 2, 2022

Join your friends walking outside February 2, 2022, for at least 15 minutes!

Drug Trials Set to Begin for COVID-19 Treatment

Apabetalone, an Alberta-developed drug, will be studied at the University of Alberta hospital to evaluate the safety and efficacy as a potential oral medication to help prevent severe infection from COVID-19. Source: https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/exciting-breakthrough-covid-19-drug-trial-to-take-place-in-edmonton-1.5752493 Produced by Saveta Cartwright.

No vaccine clinics in Alberta schools

Clinics for COVID-19 vaccines will not be made available in Alberta schools, despite school boards such as the Edmonton Public School board requesting them as cases in schools and pediatric hospitalizations continue to rise in the province. Currently, vaccinations for children aged five to eleven are available at one hundred and twenty Alberta Health Services clinics across the province. School trustees who are calling for in-school clinics say that the current locations for child vaccinations are in some cases “far-flung” and inaccessible by transit, and that parents may not be able to take time off work to take children to appointments. Steve Buick, spokesperson for Health Minister Jason Copping, said that most clinics are open evenings and weekends, and that they plan to expand hours. However, that doesn’t solve the issue of location accessibility. Produced by Hannah Cunningham.

Efficacious Results

New Research by the university of Alberta could hold exciting news for the covid-19 variants and future pandemics.

Activity Throughout the Month, not Just to Work!

Other things to wheel or walk to in Edmonton produced by Karly Coleman

Teacher absences on the rise in Edmonton due to COVID-19

As cases of COVID-19 continue to rise in Alberta, as do teacher and educational assistant absences from schools, resulting in unfilled teaching positions. According to an article by Global News, as of Monday morning this week, approximately five hundred and eighty were absent from the Edmonton Public School Systems, and over one hundred positions were unfilled. There were over three hundred educational assistants absent, resulting in almost two hundred unfilled positions. In answer to the call for better PPE for teachers and students, the City of Edmonton has donated 50 000 KN-95 masks to the Edmonton Public School System. Produced by Hannah Cunningham.

Yearning for Online Learning

The president of the university of alberta made a new announcement that will continue into reading week and new info your covid test's cant be held against you

City Funding for Active Transportation

City Council approved $4 million for Active Transportation produced by Karly Coleman

Ventilation upgrades in some Edmonton schools

In December, the Alberta Chapters of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers released guidance recommending that schools have ventilation systems that use filters with minimum efficiency reporting values of 13 or higher to try and make indoor learning as safe as possible for staff and students during the COVID-19 pandemic. These are also known as MERV-13 filters or systems. Edmonton Catholic Schools are now in the process of having MERV-13 systems installed. Edmonton Public Schools, according to the superintendent, are looking at options, and have issued a request for vendor proposals for additional room air purifiers. Produced by Hannah Cunningham.

Active Transportation in Extremely Cold Weather

How to be active in very very cold weather produced by Karly Coleman

Change in Covid-19 Testing Protocols

To preserve lab capacity for tracking outbreak in high-risk settings, the government has directed Albertans to avoid getting a PCR test and instead use at-home rapid antigen testing or assume they have COVID if they are symptomatic. Source: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/alberta-covid-coronavirus-january-4-1.6303493 Produced by Saveta Cartwright.

Winter break extended for Alberta schools

Students in kindergarten to grade twelve in Alberta will have their winter break extended until January 10th as omicron cases rise across the province. There is no word yet on whether school will resume with in-person or online classes, but the province has promised a supply of rapid tests and medical-grade masks for staff and students. January diploma exams have been cancelled, with no word yet on the fate of spring diploma exams. Produced by Hannah Cunningham.

Say It Dont Spray It

Its a new beginning.. and with that.. the same rules apply.. campus is preparing with new measures to ensure safety, plus new information on your third vaccine doses.

Safety tips for gatherings and happy holidays!

It is holiday season here in Alberta! Before we all take some time off to relax and recuperate, here are some quick tips on how to stay safe this holiday season. Indoor gatherings should be kept to a limit of 10 people, and virtual get-togethers should still be prioritized. We'll be taking a short break from providing COVID-19 updates, returning to our regular schedule on January 3rd. Happy holidays from the COVID-19 News team, and stay safe! Produced by Hannah Cunningham.

Physically Distanced Greetings

Antigen test kits are the new stocking stuffers and more on your campus update news

Increased Active Transportation Funding

Increased active transportation funding means increased covid-compliant options for travel. Produced by Karly Coleman

Updated Public Health Restrictions

In response to the COVID-19 Omicron variant, Government of Alberta has updated Public Health Actions. Source: https://www.alberta.ca/covid-19-public-health-actions.aspx Produced by Saveta Cartwright.

Scam Alert: AHS text message impersonators

If you get a text that says that Alberta Health Services is asking for your credit card information - it's a scam! Unfortunately, scammers have been taking advantage of the pandemic, and several COVID-19 related scams have circulated in Alberta. It is recommended that you do not click on any links that you receive from unknown senders, and do your research on companies and organizations and their practices regarding COVID-19. Produced by Hannah Cunningham.

Teamwork make the Dream work

In a case of connected resources two universities use their power for the greater good and the better look into the future.

Tawatinâ Bridge Opening December 12, 2 p.m

Join the communities of Cloverdale and Riverdale for the opening of the Tawatinâ bridge produced by Karly Coleman

Wastewater to be Monitored to Track Rates of COVID-19 Infections Across Alberta

Alberta can now track the prevalence of COVID-19 infections in nearly 75 percent of the population thanks to the new Pan-Alberta Network for Wastewater-based SARS-CoV-2 Monitoring announced today. Source: https://www.ualberta.ca/folio/2021/12/wastewater-testing-for-sars-cov-2-virus-expands-to-most-alberta-cities.html Produced by Saveta Cartwright.

Webinar on COVID-19 vaccines and children

Happening tonight (Dec 7)! If you are a parent or guardian of a child in this age group and have questions about the COVID-19 vaccine, there is a webinar happening tonight that you may be interested in. Tim Caulfield, a law professor at the University of Alberta, will moderate a discussion with a panel of experts, including both infectious disease doctors and paediatricians. The conversation will focus on addressing concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine and children. The webinar is happening from 6-7pm tonight (Dec 7). Register here: https://ualberta.alumniq.com/index.cfm/events:register/primary/eventId/37/iq Produced by Hannah Cunningham.

Updates come in Thirds.. Sometimes?

New Protocols for In Person Exams and Mask Protocol Updates from the government outline this weeks update

Winter Cycling Opportunities

Want to learn to winter cycle? Learn how and score yourself some lovely studded tires, courtesy of WinterCity and Bike Edmonton! Produced by Karly Coleman

Kids' vaccination numbers one week after availability

It has been almost one week since parents and guardians became able to book COVID vaccine appointments for children aged 5-11 in Alberta. According to reporting by the Calgary Herald, as of November 30th, 26 844, or 6.9%, of all children aged 5-11 in Alberta have gotten their first dose. 57 200 children have appointments booked for over the next four weeks, meaning that about 20% of children in this age group will have gotten one dose of COVID vaccine by the end of December. Produced by Hannah Cunningham.

Vaccine Progress for the Pint Sized

With an announcement from the Canadian governement outlining a new system for vaccinating children, we look at what companies are bringing and what changes will take shape in vaccination.

Winter Cycling

What it takes to start winter cycling, produced by Karly Coleman

Health Canada Approved the Use of Low Dose Pfizer Vaccine for Children

The new lower dose pediatric formulation of the Comirnaty COVID-19 vaccine by Pfizer-BioNTech has been authorized by Health Canada as Canada's first COVID-19 vaccine for use in children aged 5 to 11 years. Source: https://www.canada.ca/content/dam/phac-aspc/documents/services/immunization/national-advisory-committee-on-immunization-naci/recommendations-use-covid-19-vaccines/pfizer-biontech-10-mcg-children-5-11-years-age/summary/summary.pdf Produced by Saveta Cartwright

Alberta vaccine rollout plan for children: TBD

After Health Canada's approval of the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5-11, province are releasing their vaccine rollout plans. However, Alberta is lagging behind, with no word yet on when appointment bookings will be made available. Parents and guardians can pre-register children aged 5-11 for a vaccination at this link: https://bookvaccine.alberta.ca/vaccine/s/ Produced by Hannah Cunningham

Abroad New Restrictions - November 19th, 2021

New restrictions come to those who seek experiences abroad

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