Abroad New Restrictions - November 19th, 2021

New restrictions come to those who seek experiences abroad

This week's campus update covers the updated covid-19 travel directives. In response to changing federal guidelines, the universities announced that even though level 3 travel advisory has been removed, the university will indefinitely suspend such travel outside of canada per the approval of the dean or vice president.

Students will be required to follow the go abroad process outlined via the universities website, their travel to high risk locations will need to be consulted with their education abroad program coordinator , then approved also by the dean or vp responsible. 

Noted also is that the university will monitor local conditions and may recall students from experiences abroad if the local situation deteriorates, recall expenses will be the responsibility of the student. 

Staff are also included and will be required to complete the staff approval to travel form and register in UGO, with their supervisors approving low to medium risk travel. 

To view a list of countries and their current travel advisories you can view them at travel.gc.ca/traveling/advisories 
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