City Funding for Active Transportation

City Council approved $4 million for Active Transportation produced by Karly Coleman

City funding for Active Transportation and the importance of layers!

Recently, City Council approved $4 million to be put towards our nearly one hundred kilometres of missing sidewalk spaces, unsafe crossings and gaps in bike paths. This work will be done this year and next and is in line with both the city's vision of a 15-minute community and its climate goals. 
The city will also be considering its snow and ice removal processes, particularly in light of climate-change oriented weather conditions. This consideration is important given that last week I was talking about being active in tremendously cold weather and this week we’re seeing temperatures on the plus side of zero.  
Really the only consistency I can offer is Alfred Wainwright’s saying: “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” I recommend that you dress in layers regardless of the weather, so that if you’re too warm or too cold you have the layers available as needed. Furthermore, I also recommend that you carry a satchel to put your extra gear in so that you can account for temperature fluctuations during the day. 
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