Increased Active Transportation Funding

Increased active transportation funding means increased covid-compliant options for travel. Produced by Karly Coleman

Implications of the City of Edmonton Supplemental budget adjustments
Most excitingly, the Edmonton city council has been talking about a supplemental budget adjustment to provide 4.75 million dollars towards Active Transportation improvements and expansions to sidewalks across Edmonton. These mobility-lane and -network improvements can potentially increase safety, align with other city goals such as vision zero, and both provide support for local businesses and increase covid-compliant options for travel. This is exciting news because, in developed countries, over 75 percent of car trips are less than 10 kilometres, making cycling and walking feasible ways to get to where you want to go instead. 
This budget adjustment supports fixing missing links and expanding mobility lanes and mobility networks in core areas including:
  • Fort Road from approximately 127 Avenue to 153 Avenue 
  • 127 Street from Yellowhead trail to 137 Avenue 
  • 102 Avenue from 136 Street to 139 Street 
  • 106 Street from Princess Elizabeth Avenue to 118 Avenue 
  • 105 Avenue from 101 Street to 97 Street 
  • Area Network from the area of Bonnie Doon, Strathearn, Holyrood and Idylwyld 
  • Area Network for the neighbourhoods in and around the Northlands/Exhibition lands site
That means, there’s the potential for a new bike lane or sidewalk improvement coming to a street near you!
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