Onward and Upward

As cases rise we see deadlines set forth a while ago become tougher and tougher to imagine.

In this week's campus update, released on November 5th 2021 we cover the upcoming year of 2022 where the university will aim to have at least 90% of classes physically in person. 

As cases have continued to rise with reported number from those aged 20-29 to be 351 from the week of October 29th to November 4th  it seems like this will be a tough task ahead. 

Also expected soon is that once the provincial work-from-home measure is lifted all available staff will begin returning to campus also with the hope of a full return by January 2022. In conjunction with this there will soon be a released formal work from home program, where by staff can apply after speaking with their supervisors and based on availability within that role. 

 For more information on the return to work program keep updated at ualberta.ca/covid-19 
For cjsr this is Jarret Kamm

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