Updates come in Thirds.. Sometimes?

New Protocols for In Person Exams and Mask Protocol Updates from the government outline this weeks update

In this week's campus update we discuss the universities protocols for in person exams this winter, whereby all students will need to be wearing a mask and provide their campus ready pass. Also covered is December 1st’s announcement by the Alberta government to begin administering covid-19 booster vaccines to all adults starting next week. These Third doses will be available starting Monday, December 6th for those over the age of 60. Albertans are recommended to book their third dose no sooner than 6 months after their 2nd dose. You can book your shot today by calling 811 Health Link. Third doses are also available for First Nations, Metis and Inuit People older than 18. Third doses are also available for healthcare workers who in their industry provide direct patient care.Doses for younger age groups are to be released soon and we will update you when those dates arrive. 

In other news on November 25th the Public Health Agency of Canada revised its guidance on what kind of mask to wear. Especially they're emphasising that people should get masks that fit them well, and if non-medical they should have at least two layers of fabric and a filter layer. For more info on this you can visit the article linked on our site or cbc’s article at cbc.ca/nevws/health/canada-covid-19-mask-guidance

To find out more you can visit both alberta.ca/covid19 or ualberta.ca/covid-19 
For Cjsr this is Jarret Kamm 
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