Vaccine Progress for the Pint Sized

With an announcement from the Canadian governement outlining a new system for vaccinating children, we look at what companies are bringing and what changes will take shape in vaccination.

On November 19th the Canadian Government announced that health canada had approved pfizer-biontechs vaccine for children. Children aged 5-11 will now have access to the vaccine when it arrives shortly at a number of 2.9 million doses being made available. Provinces and territories will be responsible once again for administering the vaccine. Comparatively the vaccine will be delivered in a ⅓ rd of the size of the doses for children 12 and older and adults. Health canada has authorized a two dose regimen to be administered three weeks apart, while the national committee of immunization recommends a space of 8 weeks. The longer spacing is encouraged by evidence of potential immunity benefits and decreased risk of Myocarditis. The government also expects vaccines for children from both Pfizer and Moderna to be submitted soon as well. For more information you can visit covid-19 
For cjsr this is Jarret Kamm 

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