Winter Cycling

What it takes to start winter cycling, produced by Karly Coleman

Winter cycling

Want to continue your active transportation over winter? There’s no reason you can’t.  the best way is to put off putting your bike away and ride one more day. 

Try inching your way into winter riding by seeing how long into the fall you are comfortable riding, then try riding one more snowy day. Also, consider picking a temperature below which you don’t want to ride in. There’s no need to be a martyr. If you’re not enjoying it, just take a break.

If you would go skiing or play hockey in cold weather, then winter biking is not very different. All it takes is the desire, a bike you trust, and various layers of clothes similar to what you’d wear for cross country skiing. Then it’s a matter of riding slower, braking slowly and staying a little more upright in the corners! 

Having said that, you may need to invest in a balaclava, some mitts that fit between the handlebars and the brake levers but also keep your hands warm and some warm boots. Keep in mind, you can slip your boots into bread bags for a low cost way to keep warm. 

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