Winter Cycling Opportunities

Want to learn to winter cycle? Learn how and score yourself some lovely studded tires, courtesy of WinterCity and Bike Edmonton! Produced by Karly Coleman

The City of Edmonton’s Winter City Strategy and Bike Edmonton are giving a limited number of studded winter tires to help people start to winter cycle!
To be eligible to receive free studded winter tires, you have to 
a.     be 16 years of age or older, 
b.     be new or relatively new to winter cycling, 
c.     do three winter cycling challenges by December 31, 2021. All challenges help you gain the knowledge and confidence for winter cycling! Six of the ten challenges are free. And, 
d.     fill out a questionnaire by January 15, 2022, to tell them if the program helped you.

The Challenges
  1. Watch three of Bike Edmonton’s TikToks 
  2. Watch Bike Edmonton's Winter Cycling Video, 
  3. Participate in a Virtual Winter Cycling Workshop 
  4. Write a short description of the challenges and rewards of starting to winter cycle 
  5. Provide pictures of you and your bike out in winter
  6. Go to YEG Coffee Outside, a free drop-in outdoor coffee event held Friday mornings from 7 am-9 am in Ezio Faraone 
  7. Ride five times to work, school, or for errands
  8. Attend a Winter Cycling Handling Skills Workshop. 
  9. Participate in an in-person Winter Cycling Workshop 
  10. Participate in a Bike Repair 101: Intro to Bike Maintenance course or a Bike Repair 201 courses  There’s still room in the Saturday, December 4th Bike Repair 101 workshop and the Saturday, December 11th Bike Repair 201: Brakes workshop
Some conditions apply to the courses. For more information, email or check out the blog on the website
Winter City works with community groups and Edmontonians to enable and promote positive winter experiences. Bike Edmonton works with Edmontonians to encourage cycling in all its forms 
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